Coriolus versicolor is a mushroom and its extract PSK and PSP are most sold as dietary supplements. The recommended daily usage may vary from person to person – please consult your physican for your specific recommended use.

Based on the human research and clinical studies available and sited on this site, we have found that individuals (test subjects in the studies) were given 3,000 ~ 4,000 mg/day of Coriolus versicolor PSP or PSK extract in majority of these studies. Below are information commonly available through the web and is there for your reference only:

For healthy individuals who wants to maintain their good immune system:

  • 1,000 mg ~ 3,000 mg / day
  • Take 2~3 times a day on an empty stomach if possible

For people with illnesses who want to use Coriolus versicolor extract to boost their immue system:

  • 3,000 mg ~ 6,000 mg / day
  • Take 2~3 times a day on an empty stomach if possible

Please note, the effectiveness of Coriolus versicolor products on the market vary dramatically. The above data are based on the authentic PSK and PSP products used in clinical studies.

* According to the Information Office of the Research Institute of Fungi, Shanghai Teachers University, the use of 50 times human clinical dosage on monkeys consecutively for 6 months produced no toxic effects.

* According to the Department of Toxicology, Shanghai Institute of Labour Health and Occupational Diseases, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Academia Sinica, the tests of acute and chronic toxicity and hereditary toxicology prove that there is no toxic reaction when oral administration of 100 times of the clinical dosage of PSP to rats is made.