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Ulcerative Colitis saturated with alternative herbal treatment known as inForce Immune Builder.

Peter J. French says:

Personal Update:

As most of you now know from my testimony above, I quit smoking for the LAST time on June 1st 2010 and I used the inLife electronic cigarette to do so. I have to say right here, quitting with the e-cig was the easiest part. My big problems would start, (as I feared they would) a few weeks later. For more details about those problems, please see the video of my testimony above.)

In the mean time, thanks to the generosity of Craig Youngblood I was able to start taking inForce on June 3rd 2010, a full month before the company was able to start shipping and that allowed me to “saturate” myself with inForce right from the beginning.

Many people have been asking me not only “how I’m doing today” but what my regiment was as far as “dosages” were concerned. I’d like to take a few minutes to update all of you on both of these subjects and I hope the information will help you make healthful decisions for this upcoming, fabulous New Year, 2011!

After doing a tremendous amount of research online regarding ulcerative colitis, two conclusions kept surfacing over and over for me. One was that it is still unknown what actually causes U.C. and the other was that it appears the immune system is somehow connected. A little more research taught me that it’s an OVER active immune system that’s my worst enemy not an “under” active one! Huh… I thought… “That’s interesting!”

So, with my new understanding that the Coriolus Versicolor extract helps to “balance” the immune system with no known side effects associated with it, I decided to hit my system HARD for the first month and to accomplish this I took 5 capsules three times a day, every day, during June, (7.5 Bottles). I started bleeding (right on schedule) about three weeks into my regiment but this time something was different. First of all, it wasn’t a “lot” of blood as had always been the case in the past, (that was encouraging) and second of all, it wasn’t getting exponentially worse (which was also “always the case” in the past). In fact… by July 2nd, while still taking 5/5/5 my symptoms were actually clearing up, I was bleeding less! Needless to say, this was very encouraging to me.

For the second month (July) I dropped to 4 capsules 3 times a day every day. (4/4/4), (6 bottles) All the while my symptoms continued to improve.

For my third month (August) I dropped to 3 capsules 3 times a day (3/3/3) (4.5 bottles) and again, my symptoms continued to improve to the point that I’m practically symptom free by now.

By September I dropped to 3/3… (3 in the morning / 3 at night) and continued this dosage through to October 16th 2010, which was my very first 100% symptom free day! I continued 3/3 (3 Bottles) through October and then dropped to 2/2 for December. About mid December (the 15th I think) I decided to get real “fancy” and I dropped to 1/1 and low and behold on December 22nd (about a week later) I had a little bleeding. I thought crap!!! (no pun intended) and that day I popped 3 caps right away and then went back up to 2/2 where I am today.

Interestingly, the little bleeding I had was just one time and after “boosting” the dosage back up just a little, I have found my own personal “sweet spot” and continue to remain 100% symptom free to this day. Like Simon Lu’s Mom says, “Don’t waste it!”

To summarize all of this, I realize that I am dealing with a VERY serious condition and that most people are not afflicted with something this grim, medically speaking.

That said, what’s most interesting to me are the testimonies trickling in from friends and family who started their own inForce regiment using the same “saturate first” approach (for the first ninety days), then dropping down to 1/1 after that. They have seen all SORTS of conditions associated with the immune system just simply “melt” away! We’ve seen allergies disappear; psoriasis and rashes have cleared up; colds that didn’t “take hold;” and the list goes on.

What I’m suggesting to my family, friends and acquaintances when I first talk to them about inForce is what I’m now calling a 3-2-1 approach. 3 Bottles the first month, 2 bottles the second and 1 bottle a month after that. If a person is dealing with something more serious, common sense would dictate that you immediately see your doctor, hand him/her a bottle of inForce, (which we have done), follow all of their advice and unless you’re told otherwise by the doctor… go to 6-4-2.

We keep a couple extra bottles on hand for a quick “boost.” For example, if one of the kids feels a cold coming on, I’ll have them take 3/3 for that day and low and behold… the colds don’t take hold!

It’s all really quite remarkable yet so much simple common sense as well. We all have an immune system. Very few of us have a perfectly “balanced” immune system.
Stress, pollution, poor diet, current illnesses, all these things and more compromise our immune systems on a daily basis. inForce is simply “food” for our immune systems and mine was apparently starving to death!

I hope this follow up was helpful and encouraging to you. Never before have I experienced the “freedom” and good health that I’m experiencing at this time in my life. I’m smoke free and I’m not bleeding to death. It’s remarkable.

I thank Craig Youngblood, all the founders and especially Simon Lu for their faith and tenacity in bringing this product to market.

All the best to all of you in 2011!

Peter J, French

How inForce immune builder 2 times a day helped Colitis.

I also have a story, similar to the guy on this weekends testimonials, concerning Colitis. After taking the product for just 2 weeks, my symptoms are completely gone and I feel like a new guy and the only thing I have done differently is take the inforce 2/day and whallah! I’m a believer!. Thanks a million

Jack Mast
Ft. Myers, FL.