How inForce improved fibromyalgia and auto immune chronic pancreatitis

Kenny, As you know I started with InLife when they first kicked off the smokeless cigarettes! I am a distributor and have been taking InLife for about 10 months and feel like me again and have more energy as well!! I have fibromyalgia and auto immune chronic pancreatitis! Within two weeks my fibromylagia pain went from a 10 to a 1 and most of the time NO pain at all! I was still dealing with my chronic pancreatitis. Well for the past 3 months I have no pain from my pancreas thanks to InForce. It may have taken sometime for the pancreas…..BUT the best besides NO pain is this; When your Amylase and Lipase levels are above the normal range you are having pancreas attack so here are the normal ranges and what mine were and are now!!!

Amylase-normal range 28-100

Before InForce my range was. 290-320

Now. 91

Lipase-normal range 16-63

Before InForce my range 160-210

Now. 57

I take 3 InForce in morning half hour on empty stomach And 3 InForce in evening half hour on empty stomach all before meals! I’m a walking testimonial of how much I believe in what InForce can do! I would love to share this with anyone who is who may have same conditions as myself or anyone who is considering whether or not to take InForce!

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