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Ulcerative Colitis saturated with alternative herbal treatment known as inForce Immune Builder.

Peter J. French says:

Personal Update:

As most of you now know from my testimony above, I quit smoking for the LAST time on June 1st 2010 and I used the inLife electronic cigarette to do so. I have to say right here, quitting with the e-cig was the easiest part. My big problems would start, (as I feared they would) a few weeks later. For more details about those problems, please see the video of my testimony above.)

In the mean time, thanks to the generosity of Craig Youngblood I was able to start taking inForce on June 3rd 2010, a full month before the company was able to start shipping and that allowed me to “saturate” myself with inForce right from the beginning.

Many people have been asking me not only “how I’m doing today” but what my regiment was as far as “dosages” were concerned. I’d like to take a few minutes to update all of you on both of these subjects and I hope the information will help you make healthful decisions for this upcoming, fabulous New Year, 2011!

After doing a tremendous amount of research online regarding ulcerative colitis, two conclusions kept surfacing over and over for me. One was that it is still unknown what actually causes U.C. and the other was that it appears the immune system is somehow connected. A little more research taught me that it’s an OVER active immune system that’s my worst enemy not an “under” active one! Huh… I thought… “That’s interesting!”

So, with my new understanding that the Coriolus Versicolor extract helps to “balance” the immune system with no known side effects associated with it, I decided to hit my system HARD for the first month and to accomplish this I took 5 capsules three times a day, every day, during June, (7.5 Bottles). I started bleeding (right on schedule) about three weeks into my regiment but this time something was different. First of all, it wasn’t a “lot” of blood as had always been the case in the past, (that was encouraging) and second of all, it wasn’t getting exponentially worse (which was also “always the case” in the past). In fact… by July 2nd, while still taking 5/5/5 my symptoms were actually clearing up, I was bleeding less! Needless to say, this was very encouraging to me.

For the second month (July) I dropped to 4 capsules 3 times a day every day. (4/4/4), (6 bottles) All the while my symptoms continued to improve.

For my third month (August) I dropped to 3 capsules 3 times a day (3/3/3) (4.5 bottles) and again, my symptoms continued to improve to the point that I’m practically symptom free by now.

By September I dropped to 3/3… (3 in the morning / 3 at night) and continued this dosage through to October 16th 2010, which was my very first 100% symptom free day! I continued 3/3 (3 Bottles) through October and then dropped to 2/2 for December. About mid December (the 15th I think) I decided to get real “fancy” and I dropped to 1/1 and low and behold on December 22nd (about a week later) I had a little bleeding. I thought crap!!! (no pun intended) and that day I popped 3 caps right away and then went back up to 2/2 where I am today.

Interestingly, the little bleeding I had was just one time and after “boosting” the dosage back up just a little, I have found my own personal “sweet spot” and continue to remain 100% symptom free to this day. Like Simon Lu’s Mom says, “Don’t waste it!”

To summarize all of this, I realize that I am dealing with a VERY serious condition and that most people are not afflicted with something this grim, medically speaking.

That said, what’s most interesting to me are the testimonies trickling in from friends and family who started their own inForce regiment using the same “saturate first” approach (for the first ninety days), then dropping down to 1/1 after that. They have seen all SORTS of conditions associated with the immune system just simply “melt” away! We’ve seen allergies disappear; psoriasis and rashes have cleared up; colds that didn’t “take hold;” and the list goes on.

What I’m suggesting to my family, friends and acquaintances when I first talk to them about inForce is what I’m now calling a 3-2-1 approach. 3 Bottles the first month, 2 bottles the second and 1 bottle a month after that. If a person is dealing with something more serious, common sense would dictate that you immediately see your doctor, hand him/her a bottle of inForce, (which we have done), follow all of their advice and unless you’re told otherwise by the doctor… go to 6-4-2.

We keep a couple extra bottles on hand for a quick “boost.” For example, if one of the kids feels a cold coming on, I’ll have them take 3/3 for that day and low and behold… the colds don’t take hold!

It’s all really quite remarkable yet so much simple common sense as well. We all have an immune system. Very few of us have a perfectly “balanced” immune system.
Stress, pollution, poor diet, current illnesses, all these things and more compromise our immune systems on a daily basis. inForce is simply “food” for our immune systems and mine was apparently starving to death!

I hope this follow up was helpful and encouraging to you. Never before have I experienced the “freedom” and good health that I’m experiencing at this time in my life. I’m smoke free and I’m not bleeding to death. It’s remarkable.

I thank Craig Youngblood, all the founders and especially Simon Lu for their faith and tenacity in bringing this product to market.

All the best to all of you in 2011!

Peter J, French

Post Partum, and Pre- menstrual symptoms undercontrol by inLifes, inForce Immune Builder

Kimberly Kleinhenz says:


I am a 28 year-old single mother of two boys, ages 1 and 3. I have a full time job as the Sales and Marketing director of an extremely successful local wellness center here in Stuart, Florida. My job and small children keep me moving, and rarely allow down time for sickness or fatigue.

Working in the wellness industry I am exposed daily to a multitude of nutritional supplements, none of which have sparked any real interest in me. These “miracle cures” range from immune builders and weight loss systems, to organ and digestive cleansers. Although I have no major health or weight problems, I am not as healthy as I was prior to the birth of my two children.

After my first pregnancy, my energy level dropped dramatically. I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression and put on anti- depressants and anti- anxiety medication. Becoming pregnant with my second son while my first was only nine months old drained me even more. Having these two back to back pregnancies depleted a lot of nutrients from my body, and I was sick frequently due to a compromised immune system. InForce was suggested to me by a co- worker, and on September 23rd I started a 45 day trial using six capsules a day. I felt a very subtle increase in energy within the first five days. Within the next 4-5 days I noticed that I felt healthier than I had prior to taking the InForce. The most substantial change that I noticed happened around days 14-17 when my menstrual cycle started and I had almost none of the regularly intense symptoms.

Ever since my children were born I have had severe pre- menstrual symptoms. I have had dramatic mood swings, severe cramping, and an increase in appetite and irritability. I was shocked when my period had started without any of the regular warning signs at all. It took me a day or so to realize the reason for what had happened. The only thing I had changed in my diet or lifestyle was adding the InForce. After that there were no substantial moments to document.

I also noticed that I wasn’t sick at all during the 45 days I was taking the InForce even though my children were sick with two different stomach bugs. It is not unusual for me to catch whatever my children bring home from school, especially now that I tended to get sick more easily.

My biggest testimony about InForce working in my life isn’t so much of an actual cure for a pre-existing illness as it is the prevention of what I am usually catching so easily. In addition it was regulating my menstrual cycle and the decrease in its monthly symptoms, all while increasing my energy level. I love the product and believe it has done nothing but benefit my life and my family. I would recommend InForce to anyone.

A Life long battle with arthritis, fibro, auto-immune disease, and scoliosis. A brighter future with inForce Immune Builder with PSK

Deborah Anne Kaufman says:
I was born with Scoliosis, Pediatric Fibromyalgia and a weakened auto-immune system. What that means is from infancy, until the age of 11 years old, I woke up in the morning to start my day, unable to open my eyes.

They were glued shut from an excess accumulation of mucus overnight, which would harden and interlock my eye-lashes thus, by dawn my eyes were sealed shut. My mother’s daily routine was to place hot, wet towels over my eyes to loosen the mucus and remove it without removing my eye-lashes as well. Once that was done and I could open my eyes to see, my mother would drive me to my doctors office, where I would have to sit at a machine, equivalent to a vacuum cleaner sucking excess mucus from each nostril. It was a painful, childhood experience which I will never forget.

Because of scoliosis, I had to wear a full metal brace from my neck to my tail bone with special shoes which forced me to walk on the heels of my feet.

Because of my weakened auto-immune system and multiple allergies, I had numerous weekly shots. Every year, as the seasons mildly changed, in Los Angeles, CA, from summer to fall I would become sick with a cold, flu and/or bronchitis throughout winter until the following year’s spring season.

For over 40 years, I suffered the flu, bronchitis and asthma during the fall and winter seasons. In spite of my health problems; since I was a hyperactive creative child, I participated in competitive and non-competitive sports, art, music and dance. I have had a full life of activity and the idea I might someday suffer from illness, disease and disorders never entered my conscious mind. That was until the day I lost my health and wellness. For me, I did not recognize and appreciate how fortunate I was until I lost what I had, something more important than any money or material one could buy. I lost my health and wellness.

For over 20 years in young adulthood, my body rapidly declined with illnesses, which generally do not occur until old adulthood. In my 30’s suddenly I was faced with severe illnesses which included adult fibromyalgia, scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease and an auto-immune deficiency. These illnesses caused further disorders and diseases to my endocrine, nutritional, metabolic systems, blood and blood-forming organs (acute anemia, liver, kidney and gall bladder), nervous system and sense organs, circulatory and respiratory systems (asthma, bronchitis and acute pneumonia), digestive and genitourinary system (stomach, intestines and bladder), gynecological (infertility and early menopause), musculoskeletal systems and connective tissue (muscle spasms and atrophy, fractures, torn ligaments and tendons). My auto-immune system deficiency was so severe, I could not walk into a room with any ill-health individuals without contracting a cold, virus, flu or other ailments and would take months, often entire seasons to recover.

In 1990 at 28 years old, I lost the use of both arms and was in chronic pain 24/7 365 days of the year. All I could do was sit in the corner of a room and cry. After dozens upon dozens of doctor visits, the medical profession had no idea what was wrong with my body, nor how or what to do to restore my health. I was told this was how I would be for the rest of my life, there was NO CURE, and “the sooner I would be able to accept my lot in life the better.”

What was my response? To their surprise and disappointment, I responded, “NO WAY! I refuse to accept this as my lot in life. I will do and did anything necessary to find a way to improve my health and wellness! I refuse to give up inLife!”

Long-term chronic pain and illness not only affected my body physiologically, but also affected my mind – my memory, cognitive abilities, and sleep patterns suffered tremendously as well. In the end, as it is darkest before the dawn, I had become isolated, only venturing outside for doctor appointments, treatment(s) and physical therapy.

It has been a long journey, filled with challenges and tragedy, which I have learned to overcome with adversity. After 20 years of ill health, the last 10 of which were filled with chronic pain 24/7/365 days, I have survived 29 surgeries and almost died, to the best of my recollection, at least 15 times. Of the 29 surgeries, 27 were not to improve my health and wellness from illness, disease and disorders. Rather, they were emergency surgeries to repair the damage done to my body as a direct result of allergies and side-effects to pharmacological medications. These medications were given to me by numerous, well-intentioned, highly educated medical practitioners.

I met my inLife mentor, teacher and role-model, Brian B Bush, just a few months before my 29th surgery in December 2009. Barely able to walk, let alone function, Brian introduced me to the electronic cigarette, which I immediately purchased and utilized in preparation for surgery.

In March 2010, I underwent an anterior cervical discectomy. Just one hour following surgery, for the first time in 10 years, I awoke in recovery with NO continuous electrical current running down my spine radiating down both arms and legs. It was gone! Thanks to one of the top neurological surgeons in our country, I was pain free at last and given a new lease on life! I was ecstatic. I enjoyed my positive smoking alternative, the electronic cigarette, in the hospital with glee!

I was so elated to have my health restored, I had forgotten about my weakened auto-immune system and immediately began attending conferences and events to make up for lost time personally, professionally and financially. Within one week, I had attended two events with over 400 people in attendance. At some point, I had come into contact with someone who had ill health and immediately suffered the consequences. For 6 weeks I had a temperature of 103 and had to go to the emergency room on two occasions because I could not breathe. For 6 weeks, I was given strong antibiotics and large quantities of Ibuprophen, but could not break my fever. The hospital ran a full blood panel, which told them that my white blood count, auto-immune system and more, were significantly below normal. Hepatitis C, from blood transfusions over 20 years earlier had returned, my liver, kidney, intestines, stomach and other organs ceased to function properly and were shutting down.

That was when inLife introduced the nutritional supplement inForce Immune Builder with PSK (Polysaccharide Krestin) and PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide) from the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom. What is Coriolus Versicolor? It is a mushroom, which has been documented and utilized in Eastern Medicine, since the Ming Dynasty in the 1300s. Within 24 hours of taking inForce, my fever broke and I was able to breathe, get out of bed, bathe and eat! On the 8th day using inForce the hospital ran my blood levels again. My numbers went from significantly below normal to above normal. After using inForce for 30 days, the hospital ran my blood levels again. My numbers went from above normal to significantly above normal.

For the first time in 10 years, not only was I able to breathe, eat and bathe, but I was also able to sleep, regain memory and improve my cognitive abilities. I could walk without falling and fracturing bones. I could eat meat, vegetables and carbs in the same meal, without spending two days in bed rolling around in excruciating pain. I began applying to, and interviewing for, employment in my field of practice.

During this process, I have learned through experience something crucial to achieving optimal health and wellness. One of the problems involved when people have issues with health and wellness is that they stop doing what they did to restore their health and wellness. Through no intention of my own, I miscalculated my inForce intake and ran out of inForce for one week. In just 7 days, a dormant infection rapidly worsened and I had to undergo an emergency root canal. My neck suddenly looked like I had a golf ball on the inside of my throat, and my entire face swelled. The day of my emergency root canal my inForce shipment arrived. Within 24 hours back on inForce, the swelling and infection were gone, not dormant, but gone! Because of this, I continue to maintain a higher dosage of inForce on a daily regimen and make sure I order enough to not run out, EVER. It has now been 4 months since I began taking inForce.

For the first time in my life, at 48 years old, when summer turned to fall, I did not get sick. For the first time in my life, I am working with people who have illnesses of one kind or another, and I am not getting sick.

I have more energy and feel better than I have ever felt before. After years of chronic pain, fatigue and hopelessness, I did not think it would ever be possible to feel well again. Today, I have more joy, health, and wellness and hope than I ever imagined possible.

Because of my story, I have met hundreds, thousands possibly, of sick people with all kinds of health problems, many of which are life-threatening diseases, with no hope for a cure, no hope for the future, their children and grand-children.

Today, I get to work in the fields of medical and mental health. On a daily basis, I work on educating, teaching and role-modeling a life of fulfillment, health and wellness, a meaningful purpose – heart, mind, body, and soul. If my story can save just one person from suffering physically, psychologically, emotionally, and/or spiritually, then everything I have experienced has been well worth it. Through my experience, strength and hope, today, I get to spend my days helping people to improve their health and wellness, their families, their friends and community – to empower people to heal, find their meaningful purpose in life, and achieve their dreams and desires. Everything is about personal, professional, and financial freedom – so everyone can spend their days, their lives with their families, friends and community.

Today, I get to be a member of a special group of people, who believe as do I, in the infinite universe of abundance, the laws of attraction, to pay it forward. We are all connected – heart, mind, body, and soul – in an incredible world where we live and love inLife!

I invite you to stop working to live. Rather live and love to work inLife to help one another to achieve our fullest potential, meaningful purpose, personal, professional, and financial freedom… to do what we all wish to do more than anything else on earth – to live, love and spend TIME with our families, friends and loved ones. Join us – to be people helping people.

God bless you and welcome to becoming changed, to live and love inLife!

Your global friend,

Debórah Anne Kaufman

The pain of Fibromyalgia, subsided by alternative herbal treatment- inLifes Immune booster called inForce

Krista Stagg says:
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 13 years ago. I have tried every prescription drug my Dr. thought would help and tried so many supplements and vitamins that are supposed to help that I have lost count. I was getting by but never felt like I used to. I had good days and bad days, but mostly bad, so bad I couldn’t get out of bed for days at a time. I couldn’t get out of bed to play with my 3 wonderful little boys, I couldn’t get dinner on the table, I was basically bedridden much of the time. I was living but I was almost always in pain and had no energy. I was almost resigned to this and one day a dear friend told me about InFORCE. He shared how it had saved his life, and he encouraged me to try it. I, of course, was skeptical but I finally did. It has CHANGED my life. I now have a life!! After just a few days my energy levels were up, then after 2 weeks I realized I had NO Fibro pain, my muscles were pain free and to this day I haven’t had one flareup, even during times of intense stress. My husband has his wife back, my children have their mother back and everyday it just gets better. My blood pressure has gone down, I lost 15 lbs and no longer have problems sleeping, all because of InFORCE. I was able to stop taking 3 of my prescription meds that has saved me hundreds of dollars and best of all with InFORCE I have no bad side effects. I became an Independent Distributor and so far everyone who has bought this product has said how much better they feel and they keep ordering. I am so blessed to have my life back and to be able to share this with everyone! Thank you Scott and the InLife team. You’ve changed my life and I’m so excited for everyone who gets the opportunity to use InFORCE!! I have my life back and it’s all due to this incredible product!

inLifes, inForce Immune Builder used to treat Osteoarthritis.

Randy White says:
It is so nice to hear all of the testimonials, such a variety of great results for so many different ailments. About two years ago I had pain start in a small spot in my left arm about half way between the wrist and elbow. As time passed the area continued to grow until the pain was all the way down the arm and into my hands. For about a year now my hands felt like they were on fire most of the time. When I was in for a checkup I asked the doctor about this and the response was that with my age it was just arthritis and I should get some cream and put on it. To top things off this past summer my right knee swelled up the full size of the knee cap and about 3/4? high. My wife tried to get me to go to the doctor but of course I didn’t go. Instead I looked it up on the internet and found that the most common cause of water on the knee is osteo arthritis, for which the remedy is to have a doctor drain it with a syringe. Not likely. Osteo would also explain the pain in my arm and hands. I ordered some of the Inforce and as soon as it arrived I took two capsules. The very first day it seemed like I had less pain in my hands. After just six weeks now the swelling in my knee is completely gone and the pain in my arm and hands is 90% better, and this is with only two capsules per day. I should have started with four a day and it would have been gone even sooner. I now recommend Inforce to everyone I see. My wife has been taking the Inforce for about two weeks now.

Randy White
Regional manager

Tumors treated with Coriolus Versicolor- inForce Immune Builder.

Brenda Koker says:
Hello David,
I have great news about Little Bear. Her external tumors she had on her forehead, which were two of them. Have completely dissapeared. She has been full of energy and not sleeping as much as she was before. The internal tumors have not grown, hoping the same results will come in the future. Thank You for your concersn and support. Happy New Year and an awesome year for Inforce.

Dogs tumor treated by alternative medicine- inLifes, inForce immune builder

Brenda Koker says:
Hello David,
Thank you for your concern for littlebear she is doing great. LittleBear is our Lab/Golden Retreiver mix, I have her on the inforce twice a day one capsule. For being 14 yrs old she has more energy now and doesn’t whine as much, which I contribute to pain. Seems more alert and playful. The external tumor on her head has gone down. We haven’t taken her back yet to the vet. Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday

David Diamond says:
Brenda, I am really wondering how your dog is doing? I hope InForce is helping. Please let me know how Littl Bear is coping these days.

Sincerely David Diamond

C-reactive protein controlled with inForce immune builder.

Brenda Koker says:
Hello Jack,
Thank you for your response. My c-reactive protein has continue to drop. I received my results from last week and it is down to 3.6, which 3.0 and below is normal. LittleBear is our Lab/Golden Retreiver mix, I have her on the inforce twice a day one capsule. For being 14 yrs old she has more energy now and doesn’t whine as much, which I contribute to pain. Seems more alert and playful. The external tumor on her head has gone down. We haven’t taken her back yet to the vet. Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday.

jack konopski says:
Dear Brenda,
I am so glad that you are getting better and that InLife’s InForce quite clearly has something to do with it. isn’t it great to be a part of it?. i am writing to you congratulate you for your courages that most of people around us sadly lack of. you post is date 10/15. i keep wondering about your Labrador (what’s his/her name). how is she/he doing. the positive studies were curried on animals too, so i was hoping to hear the good news. kindly, please let me know the progress if any. i hope the dose for your dog was significantly higher. let me know. hope you have a great day.
jack konopski