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Sinusitis relief with inForce immune builder by inLife.

I have suffered with severe sinusitis for almost 40 years( I am 72 now).I have had to take antibiotics very regularly,painkillers most of the time,daily nasal sprays  and steam inhalations to try and clear the congestion.I have tried just about everything on the market , as this condition has coloured my life for a very long time.I have also suffered frequent headaches and a feeling of being unbalanced( because of congestion affecting my ears) from time to time.
I have had x-rays of my head and MRI scans–they told me that it was the shape of my face that was the problem and that there was nothing that could be done for me surgically.
Then along comes Coriolus and I decided to give it a go too!I have been taking Inforce for just over 3 months and in all that time I have not taken any antibiotics,painkillers,nasal sprays,inhalations.Now for me that is a miracle!It has not gone away totally but just being able to go without all of the medication is an amazing thing for me.
I function better on a daily basis.I have been taking 12 capsules a day for 14 weeks and now I am thinking of scaling the dosage down to see what the effect will be.Watch this space!!
Joan Ebsworth