The Influence of PSP on the Behavior and Growth of the Fetus in Rats

Zheng-de Zhang1, Zhen-bin Qian2, Lan-feng Zhou2 and Bin Xu1 1 Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Academia Sinica 2 Department of Toxicology, Shanghai Institute of Labour Health and Occupational Diseases


PSP is a new immunomodulating agent prepared and developed by Professor Qing-yao Yang. In the present work its influence on the behavior and growth of fetus in 1st and 2nd generation of rats was investigated.

For behavior study the squirrel wheel test, rotating cylinder test and passive avoidance test were performed, PSP was administered orally at 60, 600 and 6000mg/kg. The results showed that no marked difference in the change of behavior was found between the control and treatment groups. The brain weights of two-generation rats had no marked change either.

For teratogeny test 110 rats were involved PSP was administered orally at 60, 600 and 6000mg/kg in different groups for 10 days. The conditions of the maternal body, embryonic survival and the function and growth of the fetuses were examined. After statistical tests no marked difference was observed in the control and treatment groups.

The data observed showed that PSP has no noticeable toxicity on fetus growth and on the behavioral performance of 1st and 2nd generation rats.

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