Cold sores gone in a day and more sleep at nite, a side affect of inForce immune builder, by inLife

I have been taking Inforce since mid Nov. 2010 when I became a distributor for Inlife. I am an x-smoker.

I occasionally do some deep breathing exercises and realized that I breath much deeper than I have for years. I have not measured it but I have no doubt this is true.

My wife and I also find that we sleep much better and if we skip a day we don`t.

My wife’s best friend has cold sores which can be embarrassing & can linger for weeks.

She is a firm believer now because she did get a sore but it lasted a total of 3.5 days. That huge for her.
I believe in this product. Will Swain, Torrance, Ca

Will Swain / W H Swain Co.

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