THE HISTORY OF YUN ZHI PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide) & China Herbals International.

THE HISTORY OF YUN ZHI PSP (Polysaccharide Peptide) & China Herbals International.

HISTORY – 1368 A.D. – Ming Dynasty boils the Yun Zhi mushroom for its health and energy (CHI) giving properties (earliest record).

1960 – Japanese doctors create an extract (PSK – Polysaccharide Krestin).

1965 – PSK is used in human trials for various cancer treatments with successful results.

1977 – Japanese Ministry of Health & Welfare approves PSK as the first polysaccharide antitumor drug from mushroom (Class IV Medicine) and an adjuvant treatment for cancer regimens.

1984 – Chinese, with more modern technology and scientific testing methods make a more effective and more potent extract (PSP – Polysaccharide Peptide). PSP is used in similar trials as PSK with even more outstanding results.

April 2004 – China Herbals International begins negotiations and arrangements to bring PSP into the U.S.A. in tea crystals? form.

May 2004 – April 2005 – Mini shipments of PSP arrive in Los Angeles, many people are helped with the use of PSP.

April 30 to May 2, 2005 – International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spas Trade Show – Las Vegas. Many people purchase, feel great and come back to buy more PSP TEA?.

May 2005 – First major shipment of PSP arrives in Los Angeles, California. Independent laboratory tests it for China Herbals International and provides FDA with results.

May 7, 2005 – Harborside Events Center – Ft. Myers, Florida. Global Health & Healing Expo. Offering a tremendous profit center for resellers such as Day & Med Spas, Salons, Naturopaths, Alternative medicine practitioners, Chiropractors and miscellaneous resellers. FUTURE – PSP recommended pre-operation for immune system building then prescribed postoperation

to prevent viral or bacterial infections and overall good health.

Inclusion in Cereals, Pet foods, Cold drinks, Pasta sauce, Stand-alone single packs in Liquor Stores, Bars and Restaurants for hangovers (gone in 20-30 minutes). Contact: Harry Tosado – 1-877-2-PSPTEA – or go to PSPTEA.COM & download a flyer. Read the testimonials and what doctors have to say about PSP. More data coming soon….