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Yun zhi (Cloud Mushroom) PSP Extract- West Nile Virus and Yun zhi PSP

Yun zhi (Cloud Mushroom) PSP Extract

West Nile Virus and Yun zhi PSP

Now that it seems the worse of the SARS virus is over, a new virus is now being tested for its possible spread in the Lower Mainland. Last year, West Nile Virus was detected in the American states of Idaho, Montana, and Washington. It is expected this year that migrating birds will bring the virus into BC this summer.

West Nile Virus is a disease that is carried by birds, such as crows and ravens. However, it can be transmitted between birds and humans by mosquitoes. Now that warmer weather is approaching there is concern that the virus will spread. Protecting yourself against the spread of this infection can come in many forms. Among those are long sleeved shirts and pants, DEET-based mosquito repellent, and controlling the areas where mosquitoes can breed. The first line of defense however, is the one that everyone was born with – your immune system. The immune system is a vital part of any organism, and protects against invasion by viruses, bacteria, pollen, and other forms of infection. Without a healthy immune system, the body is unable to fight off infections, leading to symptoms that can include fever, body aches, and a rash.

Once a microorganism enters the body, it can multiply, and be toxic to the body’s biochemistry and other organs, or the multiplying microorganism can produce toxins to make the body ill. A healthy immune system will hopefully recognize the presence of these microorganisms as “foreign”, and immediately mobilize itself to produce white blood cells, antibodies, and other proteins to identify and destroy the invading foreign infectious agents.

For most people with healthy immune systems, these symptoms of West Nile Virus will usually disappear after about a week. However, one percent of those affected could experience more severe symptoms, such as confusion, headaches and paralysis, if their immune system cannot learn how to make the antibodies and other biochemicals that are needed to destroy the infecting virus. These people could then develop further complications such as meningitis or encephalitis. Ten percent of those people could die from the disease.

A weakened immune system can be caused by a combination of factors that can include stress, environment, aging, depression, and/or recent illness. Increasingly, many people are paying attention to what is called an alternative approach to health. It essentially involves taking care of the body, particularly the immune system, so that the body can take care of disease.

One approach can be the use of herbal remedies such as Yun zhi mushroom extract. It is only relatively recently that the world has become aware of the immuno-modulating properties of Yun zhi polysaccharides, but extensive research and clinical trials have shown that the regular use of natural Yun zhi can be effective in improving immune system function and response by increasing components of the immune system such as white blood cells, T-cells and B-cells.

Yun zhi polysaccharides have been used in the treatment of cancer and hepatitis in China and Japan for years. Patients who have used natural Yun zhi report increased strength and well-being, increased resistance to colds, flu, reduced fatigue and nausea, as well as regaining a normal appetite. Boosting the immune system through the regular use of natural Yun zhi could therefore provide increased protection against the threat of the West Nile Virus.

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How inForce immune builder rebuilt ones immunes system that was compromised by the West Nile Virus.

Brenda Koker says:
I recently discovered in March 2010 that I had a very high C – reactive protein level of 20.4. The normal range for this level is below 3. I was diagnosed in July 2004 with having been exposed to the West Nile Virus and I knew I had been sick allot and running a elevated temperature for months visiting the urgent care department every 6 weeks and taking antibiotics. I would no more be off the antibiotics for a week to 10 days and I was right back to seeing the doctors at urgent care. The doctors had put me through a series of test and scans to determine the point of origin of the inflammation, with no success. After appearing on a local TV show and following the advice of the doctor to help take some weight off and become healthier. I realized this alone was not going to help me reduce the inflammation in my body. With three months of a strict diet and exercise program my C – reactive protein level had only dropped 3.4 points to 17. Fortunately with being a distributer through InLife and believing in the products, Inforce was released in August. After receiving my first shipment of Inforce I started taking 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening every day. I had more lab work done two months after taking my first dose of Inforce and my level had dropped to 13, so 4 points just being on a maintenance dose. My husband and I went down to an InLife training on September 11 th and heard additional testimonies on how Inforce was helping others with their medical issues. After hearing how much of inforce they were taking I decided to triple up on my dose to see what the result would have on my C – reactive protein level. I received my lab results Thursday and my level had dropped to 8, so 5 points and this was only in a 30 day period, not over a 60 day period like the last test done. Knowing my diet and exercise regiment had not been as strict the first 90 days as the last 90 days, I know that Inforce has helped strengthen my immune system to where it can fight off this inflammation I have in my body. This last 6 years struggling with my health, catching everything that came my way, that a simple handshake put me in jeopardy of getting sick, with knowing that after the West Nile Virus had ravaged my immune system. I can now be assured, that I can enjoy being around others and not worry about being exposed to common colds or a virus with inForce helping me to strengthen my immune system. Currently Jim and I are taking inforce and recently our Labrador/Golden Retriever at the age of 14 was diagnosed with three tumors and with her age the vet stated just keep her comfortable that she is too old to go through surgery and most likely would bring on additional infections. So we decided to put Little Bear on inForce, she has been on it for a month now and we are monitoring her to see if Inforce would help strengthen her immune system also.