How inForce immune builder helped with Chronic bronchitis and asthma.

I have suffered from asthma since childhood. The disease has steadily progressed over the last few years to include acute chronic bronchitis and asthma. I have taken several trips to the emergency room and was hospitalized twice over the past three years, being unable to breathe.

My doctor has been prescribing me Prednisone a very powerful steroid which opens up my airways and has undoubtedly saved my life. The problem has been that Prednisone suppresses my immune system. I have been on a vicious cycle for about three years now. The Prednisone would open my air ways and the Antibiotics would get rid of the infection so I could breathe normally. Because of my suppressed immune system in about two weeks I would get another bronchial infection, the infection would trigger my asthma, I would go back on the Prednisone and the cycle would continue. I have had to take Prednisone at least once a month for seven days over the last 2 years.

Now for the good news! The last time I took Prednisone was 4 weeks ago. Three weeks ago I started taking the inLife inForce and truly believe it is making a major difference in my immune system. I have not gone 4 weeks without taking Prednisone in over 2 years. This weekend I started coughing and I felt my lungs start to tighten up. I said to myself oh great here it comes back again, but I took an extra dose of the inForce on Sunday. Monday morning I had stopped coughing and was breathing freely. I saw my doctor today he checked my oxygen level in my blood and it was better than it had been in 6 months, and my lungs sounded very clear. Thank you inLife for this tremendous product.


Brian Bush
Independent inLife Distributor