jack konopski says:
Dear Brenda,
I am so glad that you are getting better and that InLife’s InForce quite clearly has something to do with it. isn’t it great to be a part of it?. i am writing to you congratulate you for your courages that most of people around us sadly lack of. you post is date 10/15. i keep wondering about your Labrador (what’s his/her name). how is she/he doing. the positive studies were curried on animals too, so i was hoping to hear the good news. kindly, please let me know the progress if any. i hope the dose for your dog was significantly higher. let me know. hope you have a great day.
jack konopski

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  1. Joan,I would love to see an update. I have been sufenrifg with chronic sinusitis for many years now. I live on sudafed, advil, nasal sprays and occasional migraine meds when the pain gets too bad. I am on antibiotics on and off. I have been taking inForce for about a week now and I have noticed that my need for meds has greatly decreased. I thought maybe it was all in my head so I decided to look online to see if anyone else has been helped by the coriolus. I only take 4 a day now, but I think I will increase the dosage and see if I can get a miracle too!Lynda

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