Post Partum, and Pre- menstrual symptoms undercontrol by inLifes, inForce Immune Builder

Kimberly Kleinhenz says:


I am a 28 year-old single mother of two boys, ages 1 and 3. I have a full time job as the Sales and Marketing director of an extremely successful local wellness center here in Stuart, Florida. My job and small children keep me moving, and rarely allow down time for sickness or fatigue.

Working in the wellness industry I am exposed daily to a multitude of nutritional supplements, none of which have sparked any real interest in me. These “miracle cures” range from immune builders and weight loss systems, to organ and digestive cleansers. Although I have no major health or weight problems, I am not as healthy as I was prior to the birth of my two children.

After my first pregnancy, my energy level dropped dramatically. I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression and put on anti- depressants and anti- anxiety medication. Becoming pregnant with my second son while my first was only nine months old drained me even more. Having these two back to back pregnancies depleted a lot of nutrients from my body, and I was sick frequently due to a compromised immune system. InForce was suggested to me by a co- worker, and on September 23rd I started a 45 day trial using six capsules a day. I felt a very subtle increase in energy within the first five days. Within the next 4-5 days I noticed that I felt healthier than I had prior to taking the InForce. The most substantial change that I noticed happened around days 14-17 when my menstrual cycle started and I had almost none of the regularly intense symptoms.

Ever since my children were born I have had severe pre- menstrual symptoms. I have had dramatic mood swings, severe cramping, and an increase in appetite and irritability. I was shocked when my period had started without any of the regular warning signs at all. It took me a day or so to realize the reason for what had happened. The only thing I had changed in my diet or lifestyle was adding the InForce. After that there were no substantial moments to document.

I also noticed that I wasn’t sick at all during the 45 days I was taking the InForce even though my children were sick with two different stomach bugs. It is not unusual for me to catch whatever my children bring home from school, especially now that I tended to get sick more easily.

My biggest testimony about InForce working in my life isn’t so much of an actual cure for a pre-existing illness as it is the prevention of what I am usually catching so easily. In addition it was regulating my menstrual cycle and the decrease in its monthly symptoms, all while increasing my energy level. I love the product and believe it has done nothing but benefit my life and my family. I would recommend InForce to anyone.