Allergies treated with Coriolus Versicolor also know as inForce, by inLife.

Hi. My name is Quintin and I use the inForce. It helps me get up earlier and fall asleep faster. It is very easy to swallow. I don’t have allergies anymore. The coriolus versicolor has helped me a lot.

Quintin W – 11yrs old
Cleveland, Ohio

My name is Jennifer Welsh, I am Quintin’s mom. Quintin has suffered from severe allergies all year long for most of his childhood. Each year I spend a lot of time and money trying new products to help him and have had no success. Since using the inForce, I have noticed a 100% improvement with his allergies. Quintin has had more energy and has been able to wake up in the mornings for school on his own. The sneezing, coughing and stuffiness cleared up immediately. This has improved his quality of life so much that he is willing to take it without any nagging!

I would like to sincerely thank the co-founders of inLife for introducing this product.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Welsh
Regional Manager, inLife
Cleveland, Ohio