How inForce immune builder saved my foot from being amputated due to diabetes.

I always knew that diabetes ran in my family, starting with my Dad (William T. Kaufman) who past away from type one diabetes. My brother Jerry was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 10 years a go and my other brother Bill was type one diagnoses. My twin sister Paulette is also type 2.

Early 2010 I had a job that required travel and I had recently returned from one of my long trips. I went to the cleaners to wash my close and while standing at the counter I blacked out and they thought I had a heart attack. When I came through I thought it was just jet lag and fatigue. I then went and got something to eat and drink and did not think of it as being diabetic.

Around mid July 2010 I was strolling on the beach with a friend when I got a splinter in the palm of my foot. I was very fatigue that day so I went home and took a three hour nap and when I woke I had a temp of 108 and my foot was swelling up and would not go down. Two or three days later I decided to go to the emergency because of the redness and swelling that had appeared. My temperature was still at 108 and my blood pressure was elevated. After they drew my blood they came back and said I had an infection that was so bad that they would have to admit me. At that time it had been about 4 hours since I ate so my sugar could have been around 600 plus should I have eaten however it was in the 300s. I was started on diabetic treatments with insulin shots immediately. I was very concern about my stay in the hospital because I was there for 9 days and my bill was over $30,000. It took them that long to stabilize my sugar levels. They finally found a splinter on the bottom of my foot and an ulcer between my toes about size of my pinky. This was an open ulcer with fluid draining from it. They sent me home on antibiotics, diabetic medication and blood pressure medications. I was told to clean my foot twice a day with iodine solution and to keep it elevated.

I went to an infectious disease Dr. for several weeks along with a foot specialist and primary Dr. No change was taken place in a positive direction however I had more fluid coming out and swelling that I have ever seen.

When I left the hospital I got a call form my friend Dan Gracia who briefly mentioned something about the inForce product based on the Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom. However I told Dan that I would do some research on it and I continued to do what the Dr. said by keeping my foot clean and staying off of it however it had gotten worst. Then about two weeks after the first call from Dan he called me again with his friend Jim Monde on the phone. At that time they where giving me a bunch of testimonies about this product.

The swelling and redness was getting so bad that it began to clime up my leg and it looked like I had Elephantitis and then other leg started to swell because I was depending on it so much. This entire time I had walked with a walker.

I was scheduled for a Dr.’s appointment the same week that Dan, Jim and I talked and I was not feeling good on the inside about what the Dr. might say because by this time I had been out of work for a couple of months and things where not looking good. I started thinking about my two brothers that are ready to loose there life. Both with cancer and the one with sever infections from a bad surgery. I went to the Dr. and as my gut was telling me he gave me the bad news that we would have to amputate my foot due to the infections. That was on the Thursday prior to the memorial weekend. After leaving the Dr.’s office I remembered what Dan and Jim had told me and started to pray about it. I then called Dan and gave him the bad news. Dan then told me that he would make a rush 24 hour order so that I would not have to spend the holiday weekend without the inForce product. The product arrived on the next day Friday and I immediately started to take them. I averaged about 7 pills a day until I saw the Dr. on Tuesday after the holiday. The Dr. stated to me that we are seeing a turn around here and healing of about 20-30% and it had only been 5 days since I started the product. After 7 days I saw more improvement and decided to increase my intake to 12 capsules a day. The following week I went back to the Dr. and he could not believe the rate of healing. He said it was improving so rapidly that the ulcer was healing up, the swelling was going down, the redness was subsiding and the fluid was slowing down. He also mentioned that at this pace I could be off of my crouches within a week to two weeks. I am scheduled to see him on September 26, 2010 I currently am still taking the product and have seen great improvement and also have notice my sugars’ are not bottoming out and blood pressure is staying normal. Because of the diabetes I have cataracts and bleeding behind the eyes. I have noticed improvement in my vision and I can’t wait to see what my eye Dr. has to say when I see him on November 12th to determine my surgery options for my eyes.

I am feeling much more energy, my skin is tightening and much smoother. I had a split finger nail from a fungus and it would not heal for over a year, it is now almost all healed. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night from sugar lows any more and my ringing in the ears has stopped. My mind is feeling sharper and I don’t feel like I have any forgetfulness.

This is a product that I recommend for anyone and everyone because the medical community is not telling us the entire truth about earths natural benefits. I want to thank the almighty, Dan Gracia, Jim Monde and inLife for introducing me to an amazing miracle product that I know will change the world.

Yours Truly

Love and blessings

Paulyah Ezekiel Kaufman