inLifes, inForce Immune Builder used to treat Osteoarthritis.

Randy White says:
It is so nice to hear all of the testimonials, such a variety of great results for so many different ailments. About two years ago I had pain start in a small spot in my left arm about half way between the wrist and elbow. As time passed the area continued to grow until the pain was all the way down the arm and into my hands. For about a year now my hands felt like they were on fire most of the time. When I was in for a checkup I asked the doctor about this and the response was that with my age it was just arthritis and I should get some cream and put on it. To top things off this past summer my right knee swelled up the full size of the knee cap and about 3/4? high. My wife tried to get me to go to the doctor but of course I didn’t go. Instead I looked it up on the internet and found that the most common cause of water on the knee is osteo arthritis, for which the remedy is to have a doctor drain it with a syringe. Not likely. Osteo would also explain the pain in my arm and hands. I ordered some of the Inforce and as soon as it arrived I took two capsules. The very first day it seemed like I had less pain in my hands. After just six weeks now the swelling in my knee is completely gone and the pain in my arm and hands is 90% better, and this is with only two capsules per day. I should have started with four a day and it would have been gone even sooner. I now recommend Inforce to everyone I see. My wife has been taking the Inforce for about two weeks now.

Randy White
Regional manager