Enzymatic dimerization of penicillin X.

Agematu H, Tsuchida T, Kominato K, Shibamoto N, Yoshioka T, Nishida H, Okamoto R, Shin T, Murao S.

Central Research Laboratories, Mercian Co., Fujisawa, Japan.


Penicillin X methyl ester was transformed into three types of dimer by laccase from Coriolus versicolor. The dimers are considered to be formed by free-radical addition of phenoxy radicals produced by laccase. The enzyme reaction with the ester as substrate was more suitable for forming dimers than that with the sodium salt as substrate. Penicillin X pivaloyloxymethyl ester was also transformed into a dimer, which had antibacterial activity in the presence of esterase.

PMID: 8436547 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]