Combined submerged and solid substrate fermentation for the bioconversion of lignocellulose.

Viesturs UE, Strikauska SV, Leite MP, Berzins AJ, Tengerdy RP.

August Kirchenstein Institute of Microbiology, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 226067 Riga, Kleisti, Latvian SSR, USSR.


A novel two-stage bioreactor has been designed for a combined submerged (SF) and solid substrate fermentation (SSF) of wheat straw. The straw was pretreated with steam, and cellulases from the culture fluid of Trichoderma reesei were adsorbed on it for increased bioconvertibility. SSF was conducted in the top part of the bioreactor by inoculating the straw with a 36-h mycelial culture of T. reesei, or Coriolus versicolor. In the bottom part of the fermenter, Endomycopsis fibuliger was grown in SF. The SF liquor was recirculated through the SSF stage at 24 h intervals to remove glucose and other metabolites that may inhibit growth, and to maintain optimum moisture level and temperature. The removed glucose and other metabolites provided nutrients for the yeast in the SF stage. The combined fermentation resulted in overall higher biomass yield, increased bioconversion, increased cellulase production, and increased digestibility compared with single SSF or SF.

PMID: 18581310 [PubMed – in process]