Effect of PSK on prohibited immunity of splenectomized mice.

Fujii T, Kano T, Saito K, Kobayashi Y, Iijima H, Matsumoto T, Yoshikumi C, Taguchi T.

Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Biomedical Research Laboratories, Tokyo, Japan.


The effect of PSK (Krestine, an anti-tumor drug prepared from Coriolus versicolor) on splenectomized experimental animals was investigated. Splenectomy was performed on both a tumor-free control group and a tumor-bearing group. The administration of PSK on the splenectomized control group significantly increased the immune state of the host. In the case of the tumor-bearing group, administration of PSK resulted in restoration of the immune function as observed in the control group. Recovery of the immunological function was accelerated when tumor-bearing animals were splenectomized at the terminal stage. The results suggest that the immunomodulating effects of PSK developed at the time of the splenectomy resulted in anticancer activity.

PMID: 3674771 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]