Cloning of sequences induced and suppressed by administration of PSK, antitumor protein-bound polysaccharide.

Hirose K, Hakozaki M, Matsunaga K, Yoshikumi C, Hotta T, Yanagisawa M, Yamamoto M, Endo H.


To elucidate the effects of PSK, a protein-bound polysaccharide from Coriolus versicolor, on gene expression in tumor cells, we prepared cDNA clone libraries from PSK-treated and untreated cells of a rat ascites hepatoma line, AH66, which was previously shown to be susceptible to the antitumor action of this compound. Two PSK-induced and one suppressed cDNA clones were selected from these libraries by using a differential colony hybridization and RNA blot hybridization. PSK was thus shown to have a direct effect on the transcription and consequently on the translation of tumor cells.

PMID: 3977892 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]